Do I need to buy a meal plan?
All students living on campus are required to purchase a meal plan. Students that reside on 18th street or students that commute may have any plan they wish, but are not required.

All first year students required to have a meal plan will begin the fall semester on the Platinum Plan (21 meals per week).

All other residents will be placed on the Gold Plan (14 meals per week).


Will my meal plan auto renew for next semester? 
Any student enrolled in a meal plan for the fall semester will be automatically enrolled in the same meal plan for the spring semester.


If I have already purchased a meal plan, can I change it?

Student may make changes and cancellations until Friday, September 1st, 2023.


Once you adjust your meal plan in the Housing Self-Service portal, please allow 24 hours for your change to take effect.


To purchase a meal plan

·       Log in to Housing Self-Service;
·       In the left hand menu click on Dining.
·       Go to Purchased Meal Plans section and make sure you are in the Fall 2023 section to

ensure the correct choice is made.
·       If you are okay with your current meal plan, you don’t need to do anything.
·       If you would like to change your meal plan, click on Change My Meal Plan.
·       Select the plan you would like to purchase.
·       Click on Purchase Meal Plan.
·       You’ll receive a confirmation email regarding your meal plan change.


I'm earning credits off campus. How can I order boxed lunches?

We offer boxed lunches for pick-up if you’re not on campus during standard operating hours. You have the option to choose from a selection of freshly made deli sandwiches or salad recipes for one meal swipe per boxed lunch. Fill out our order form to submit your lunch order. You will need to use your university email to log in and access the Microsoft Form.